At home. Incredible stories from great costumers

After WHO declared COVID-19 disease a pandemic, several contries decided to send citizens home, for their health safety. Numbers claim more than three billion people, all over the world, were locked in their houses for more than a couple of weeks.

On our Instagram profile, we spent almost fourty days bringing you stories from how our costumers where spending their social isolation time. Today, as countries slowly try to get back to normal, we publish these stories here.

Marta, Thidols founder, Lisbon, Portugal

“My name is Marta, Thidols founder. Today is my 23rd day of self isolation.
Some days are very hard.
When TV is turned on and breaking news hit us the hardest, it’s hard not to fall into despair.
But we try to stay positive.
I am lucky to have a great backyard to get some fresh air and to be quarentined with my big family. I am enjoying every second of watching my baby toddler growing up as days are passing by. We cook a lot. We have small yoga routines every morning. We videocall pretty much everyone we know. And we pray together. A lot.
I do believe this situation has positive outcomes too. And that in the very end we will bond deeper with each other.”

Catarina, Mum’s Cooking founder, Lisbon, Portugal

“It has been a little chaotic. Both of us are working from home and we are working more than ever. I run a small business of healthy frozen food and now that people are locked at home, orders skyrocketed. Nelson helps me every way he can. We split the day between us to spend time with our kid that is already missing his school buddies. And I had to outsource deliveries. Also because I am in the risk group and doctors warned to really stay at home. Weekends are a little easier. We try to relax and have more family time. That’s a way to keep normality in our lives.”

Luz, Lisbon, Portugal

“I know several people who’ve been infected. From close friends to my mother and my sister. Thank God they are all well now but we’ve panicked a little in the beginning. Doctors just don’t understand how I managed to avoid the virus while being so close to them. I did so many tests and they were all negative. I am still under surveillance and in close contact with authorities. Of course one of the reasons is because I always took precautions. But running through my history with one doctor, we realized I was in Thailand just before Christmas and when I returned I got seriously ill with a lung infection. So maybe it was already Covid-19 back then and now I’m immune. I going to have some immunity tests soon to test that hypothesis.”

Vivianne, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

“I’m bringing my Thidols totebag to the hospital everyday as our guidelines here ask us to have washable purses because of the virus. My hospital was the first one to be ready to have Covid-19 patients in our state. Half of the beds were liberated and we are now with 40% capacity occupied. My shifts were reduced as I have a toddler girl at home, but work got very intense. We are receiving much more people now, and cases are more severe. Not just Covid-19. All in general. Everybody is helping in everything, even if it’s not your speciality. And we are having a lot of appointments by phone or whatsapp.”

Gloria and Estuardo, Mannheim, Germany

“We go out, but just for a few walks or bicycle rides with our baby in the neighbourhood. We have a forest nearby and going there to get some fresh air really helps to keep our sanity. Our government allows us to, but we can’t sit in the grass or have gatherings with other people. When at home it can get pretty crazy sometimes, while working and taking care of our almost two-year-old kid. And we always watch the news. Our parents live in Portugal and Guatemala, so we try to follow what’s going on there. The virus is everywhere. When we call them we always tell them to stay at home and stay safe.”

Gisela, Lisbon, Portugal

“I try to never have to leave home and sometimes I really freak out. I’m super afraid of catching the virus because it seems like a Russian roulette. My aunt took all the precautions, going out just for the absolutely necessary things and she caught it. And it was not just a mild infection. She was hospitalized. Maybe it was in the supermarket. Maybe it was in the pharmacy. We will never know. Last time I had to go to do my groceries I almost had a panic attack. And I fear whenever my loved ones need to go out there for some reason.”

José, Lisbon, Portugal

“Like so many other people, I am working from home. The thing is that I am a radio host and running a show from home makes me a little bit nervous. I fear having a technical problem and not being able to solve it. When in studio I have everything under control. But on the other hand, it’s also been a wonderful experience. I feel closer to people as we are living the same circumstances. And we managed to keep Que barulho é este, a moment where people can win money. And a little extra cash now means a lot. Plus, every now and then my kid joins me and I give her some air time. Listeners love her.”

Pedro, Lisbon, Portugal

“We closed doors and sent everybody home in the beginning, like pretty much everyone. I spent two weeks with my business off. But our industry was allowed to stay open and honestly, as we are a part of a supply chain, when we stop others have to stop as well. My phone was always ringing with people asking when would we open again. So after those two weeks, the company restarted. But things are very different. I bought masks and protection for everyone. We have soap and alcohol in every corner. We even had to readapt the building and change some rules. It’s the new normal. And we need to make it part of our everyday life.”

Margarida, Lisbon, Portugal

“I used to work from home already and I manage my schedules, so that part didn’t change much since all this began. I live alone so the hardest part for me is to be apart from my family and friends and not knowing what is going to be the ‘new normal’ from now on. I believe the human being has the capacity to adapt to these new realities, but we know that challenges are coming… I’m definitely a ‘people’ person, so one of the things that helps me through these times is always being in touch with my parents, my family and my friends. There are lots of new emotions to process, everything seems more intense, which is ironic but not necessarily bad. One way or another, I believe we will all learn something after this.”

Andreia, Skizo Co-founder, Lisbon, Portugal

“We are now making masks. A lot of people are doing it and we know competition is tough. Our material is made with plastic from the sea so there’s also a mission behind it. It took some time to get all the certifications and there was so much work. I was always busy on the phone or answering to emails. I barely I had time to be with my kid on Mother’s Day and that really put me down. But we can’t stop. Quarentine was specially hard on startups like ours and we need to use all means and creativity to keep on going.”

Cátia, Lisbon, Portugal

“Days seemed to fly during social isolation. Work load was huge. I was working from home but there was always so much to do that I never had enough room to try new stuff, like so many other people. It was good. I’m thankful to have a job nowadays and to have managed to keep my income. But on the other hand I deeply missed my family. One thing about this crisis is that it made us grateful for things we didn’t realize were so precious in our lives.” 

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