What’s next? When’s the “future”?

Starting over 2020 would be the obvious choice for everyone, if that was an option.
2020 sounded promising, full of plans, challenges and goals.

But slowly and almost without notice, the world has stopped, lives are on hold and we’re all prisoners of this pandemic.

The future is uncertain and we keep wondering how will things be, what will change and when will this end.

Opportunities will arise as they always do from crisis periods.

This can also be the time to rethink our priorities and redesign our lives, our businesses, our work. To dive deep on whatever we want to explore and follow our curiosity. We will all be creating new lives and new ways of doing things after this.

It’s totally okay to feel anxious and overwhelmed though. This is not fiction, it’s happening and it’s terrifying.

So, is there a way to overcome this big crisis in the world without feeling overwhelmed?

Trying to seek inspiration everyday is one of our ways to stay sane and calm.
Listening to the TED Talks Daily podcast the other day, we stumbled on this episode with Yifat Susskind, a women’s rights activist who says we should all “think like a mother”. To do this, you don’t have to be a woman or even a parent. Thinking like a mother is a lens that’s available to everybody. When you think like a mother, you understand the needs of the world and prioritize it.
As she shares moving stories and experiencies she had at her work, she shows us how this mindset can help us see beyond suffering and uncertain times and act to build a better world.

We all have the option to plant a seed and cultivate what we want to see growing.
Because if we want a brighter future we have to build it now, in the dark times, so that one day we can live in the light. Mothers also do this: acting in the present with an idea of the future that they want to bring about.

If we may leave a piece of advice, this is it. Open up on compassion. Take it easy, take the pressure off. Maybe you think you’re not doing enough or that you should be more useful or more productive or changing the world.
It is more than okay feeling anxious and not being able to create or to do much at all.

The one thing we do know for sure is that we’re working on our resilience and that we are all stronger than we believe.

Let’s stay positive, don’t lose hope and do the best we can.

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