Covid-19 era at Thidols

We’ve spent the last few days deciding what to do considering this pandemic war every each of us are facing.

As individuals, the answer was rather simple: stay at home, follow authorities guidelines, protect the weakest ones, keep our spirits high.

However, what shall we do as a brand?

Going back to basics, Thidols mission is to change the way society uses the concept of “idol”. For us, an idol shouldn’t be just a celebrity or a rockstar or a movie actor but instead someone who is really creating a positive change in the world.

We do believe these uncertain times will create a lot of new idols. From doctors to neighbours. From scientists to politicians. From brands to schools. People from all ages and all countries.

And we want to bring you these stories. We want to share positive content and show you the best of the world in these horrific days.

If you have an excepcional story to share, of yourself or someone you know, feel free to contact us.

This will be Thidols in the covid era. A brand to bring you hope and show you there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay tuned.

We will never leave you alone.

Marta Velho

(Thidols founder)

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