Doing our part to help Australia

People have died, species of animals and plants have werer forever, houses have been destroyed and a huge amount of land is still on fire. Huge, very huge. The situation in Australia is worse than California. Worse than Amazon. The country has been under fire for months, but now the catastrophe dimension has hit the rest of the world like a hurricane. It’s devastating! And something must be done.

Here at THIDOS we felt so powerless facing these events. We just wanted to go to the field and help with our own arms and hands, But Australia is so far away from our base. So we’ve decided to take a part on the help another way, even if our part is just a little one. We are going to donate 100% of our profits in January to RSPCA New South Wales.

This organization protects the endangered animals from the fires, helping on evacuation, by gathering and taking them to safety. And once the fires are cleared, the fund will support the work of inspectors, who will enter those areas to assess how to help any injured animals.

Protecting the planet is one of our core missions. And not just because it is the cause of our idol Greta Thunberg. We see ourselves as a brand that takes fair trade and the environment very seriously. Therefore, you can always expect good will from us to involve ourselves in such campaigns. If there are other ways you believe we can help protecting the planet, please feel free to contact us.

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