Our 2020 resolutions

Hey there! Happy New Year! We’ve been working tirelessly these past few weeks to start 2020 in big shape and to get the causes of our idols further and further. So, this January we have a lot of good news for you. Check them out.

Totebags all over

Totebags were a favourite this Christmas, paired up with our tshirts. So many of you asked us to sell them separately and we’ve heard you. There they are! You can shop THIDOLS totebags from now on. Check our collection page.

Black is the new black

We just love black right? We’ve adjusted our products and designs to express that affection. Available on our online shop you’ll have black tshirts and black totebags, at the same prices of the regular ones.


We’re setting out the first campaign of the year. We will be reforesting Portugal, our home country, affected by wildfires every Summer. We will give you more details as soon as we can. So far, we can guarantee you that we will plant three trees for every purchase made on THIDOLS on the first trimester of the year.


Talking about wildfires, we are de-vas-ta-ted with the situation in Australia. What a rough way to start the year. And as this is a catastrophe that moves us very close to our heart, we’ve decided that 100% of our profits in January will go to RSPCA New South Wales. This organization helps injured animals escape the flames and heal from them.


Wow! This is big news. We’ve been negotiating with our suppliers and we’ve been able to lower our prices and shipping rates. The quality is the same, as it is the concern for the environment. All our products are 100% organic cotton, respecting best practises.

Again, Happy New Year you all! And shall 2020 bring the best to all of us.

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